solar panels close upSolar panels

You need planning permission

90% of the time you will not need planning permission. There are several guidelines your install and home must adhere to. The panels visual impact must be low and they must be installed in the correct place. Other than that the first install will 9 times out of 10 be exempt of any planning applications.

I don’t use that much electric to make it worthwhile.

This is actually a great case for installing them. You will be able to pay all or most of your standard electrical use through solar energy. Any excess power being produced can be sold back to the grid. All profits made in this way are tax free.

Solar panels are not efficient

This is simply not true. On average UK households saved 35% on their annual electric bills.

Maintenance is costly and difficult

There is little upkeep and maintenance involved. You will need to clean the panels just like you would your windows. There are no special soaps or equipment needed. Ever couple of years you may need to replace low priced parts and batteries.

The UK does not have enough sun

With new technology aiding low light solar panels they are becoming more and more efficient in low light.

My house faces the wrong way to make them efficient

Although this is not ideal, the panels can be adjusted to face the best direction. It would be best for you to consult your local dealer about this and they can guide you in the right direction.

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You cannot produce power in winter

Solar panels can work most efficient on clear sunny days however they are still able to produce decent amounts of power during cold and cloudy days.